Competitive Events and Tournaments for Youth and High School in Texas

VYPE Media, headquartered in Houston, TX, provides exclusive content and services for high school and youth sports. VYPE delivers the most real-time scoop to the high school sporting community. From star athletes to what’s hip in the high school hallways, VYPE unveils what is cool in school. Products include: print & digital magazines, sports news websites, social marketing & events.

VYPE Hoops is a division of VYPE Sports in Houston, Texas.  In 2010, VYPE expanded into the event business and the Hardwood Tour was launched in effort to produce and execute organized, competitive youth basketball events. VYPE tournaments are hosted in first-class venues and include boys and girls teams (select and elite). VYPE Basketball Scouts will be in attendance to evaluate all teams. The top performers/teams from each team will be covered on the VYPE website and magazine. All grassroots teams (boys and girls), parents, players, coaches, press and basketball fans are welcomed! We look forward to seeing your team on the Hardwood!

For more information please email or call 316-641-1105.