#SantaFeStrong Memorial Tournament – More than a game

VYPE Hoops had the honor of partnering with local Santa Fe area basketball organizations to host the #SantaFeStrong Memorial Tournament on July 21st and 22nd.

The vision of this event came from two coaches who grew up and graduated high school in Santa Fe. When tragedy struck their beloved alma mater, Buzz Wesley and Clay Greenough immediately felt compelled to rally around their community.

Players and volunteers came from all over the state to donate their time, money, and show their support at the first event to be held at Santa Fe High since May 18th.

This tournament was unlike any others.

The teams who gathered in the gym didn’t come for victory, they came to honor those who had been lost.
Coach Lovejoy from League City Phenomes even gave his two girls middle school teams the choice to travel to Dallas and play in the state competition or stay and support the community; he said the girls choose quickly to stay and support.

Many teams, such as Jucas Hoops, took a moment between games to go pay respect to the memorial for the 10 victims in front of the High School.
The tournament was able to raise more than $15,000 in donations which will go to the victims of the tragedy.

Teams who walked away as champions of this tournament took home plaques with “We Play in Memory of The Victims of the Santa Fe High School Shooting on May 18, 2018.”
Here are the teams that had the honor of taking these plaques home. (Scroll through photo gallery to see winners. Teams also listed below).

10u/11u boys: HTX – ICE
12u boys: Superstar Clippers
13u boys: C3
14u boys: Nemesis
15u/16u boys: Ball N’ Out
17u boys: Jucas Hoops
11u/12u girls: Katy Rebels – Hart
Middle School Girls: Future Leaders Elite
High School Girls: Houston Hotshots