AWAY = Team Listed on top of bracket or left in pool – Black/Dark Jersey
HOME = Team Listed on bottom of bracket or right in pool – White/Light Jersey

  • 4th – 5th grade Boys/ 4th-6th grade Girls – 20 minute running clock. Clock will only stop at end of each half the last 2 minutes IF the point difference is less than 15 points at the 2 minute mark of the half.
  • 6th – 8th grade Boys/ 7th – 8th grade Girls -Two-14 minute halves (Clock stops on all dead balls)
  • 9th grade and and older Boys and Girls -Two-16 minute halves (Clock stops on all dead balls)
  • Half Time – 2 minutes (Clock Starts immediately at the end of half)
  • 3 time outs per game. 2 – Full Time out and 1 – 30 Second time out.
  • 2 minute overtime. Each team gets 1 – 30 second time out in overtime. (No timeouts carry over)
  • 3 minutes between games.
  • Mercy Rule 20 point lead running clock has to get down to 15 points before it stops again.
  • Mercy Rule 30+ point lead – teams may not continue to press if they are up by more than 30 points. The tournament site directors may call the game for the safety of both teams if they see if fit to stop the game.
  • Disqualification will be 5 Fouls.
  • No Bonus until the 10th foul of each half. Then will shoot 2 on the 10th foul.
  • Players who are ejected from a game will not be eligible to play their next scheduled game for the event.  If a player is ejected for fighting they will not be eligible to play in the remainder of the event.
  • If a coach receives a technical foul they must remain seated the remainder of the game, “Seat Belt Rule”.  If a coach receives a second technical foul they must be removed from the court for the remainder of that game.  The tournament director has the right to eject a coach for the remainder of the tournament in events of excessive un-sportsman like conduct, heckling or threatening any players, coaches, refs or fans.

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY – VYPE Hoops has a zero tolerance policy for sportsman like conduct.  Zero Tolerance actions include but are not limited to: heckling of officials by parents, players, or coaches; fighting by any person in attendance, to include, parents, players, refs, or coaches; threatening acts that may endanger any person in attendance, to include parents, players, refs or coaches.

VYPE Hoops reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions: removal from the tournament, possible forfeiture of game, expulsion from future VYPE events,  law enforcement involvement.

Teams who are ejected from a tournament due to fighting will be suspended from playing any more VYPE events for that season.  Any teams removed from a tournament will not be eligible for a refund for the event.

Teams will be suspending from future VYPE Hoops events is a game is called by refs or a tournament coordinator due to unsportsmanlike conduct.  If the game is called due to conduct of the spectators the teams will still be ineligible to return to a VYPE Hoops event for the season.

Tie Breakers

Tie breakers for Seeding Purpose will be as follows:

  • [A] Head to Head
  • [B] Point Differential
  • [C] Fewest points allowed from all games played. If three teams are tied after pool play, point differentials will be used.


2018 – 2019  Tournament Age/Grade Division Rules: Ages are based on the grade players are in during the 2018-19 school year. Age determining date is 9/1/2019.

  •  3rd Grade Division: Players in the 3rd grade cannot turn 11 before 9/1/2021.
  • 4rd Grade Division: Players in the 4th grade cannot turn 12 before 9/1/2021.
  • 5th Grade Division: Players in the 5th grade cannot turn 13 before 9/1/2021.
  • 6th Grade Division: Players in the 6th grade cannot turn 14 before 9/1/2021.
  • 7th Grade Division: Players in the 7th grade cannot turn 15 before 9/1/2021.
  • 8th Grade Division: Players in the 8th grade cannot turn 16 before 9/1/2021.
  • Freshmen Division: Players in the 9th grade cannot turn 17 before 9/1/2021.
  • JV Division: Players in this division must be eligible high school students 9th – 11th grade. Players cannot turn 19 before 9/1/2021.
  • Varsity Divisions: open divisions for 9th – 12th grade high school players. However, players cannot turn 20 before 9/1/2021. Unsigned seniors with remaining high school eligibility can play. However, players cannot turn 20 before 9/1/2021. Unsigned seniors can play as long as they have not committed in writing to play for a college at any level.  No player who has attended junior college or college may play in this event.

Protesting Player Eligibility

VYPE Hoops will not check player eligibility prior to events, unless it is notes at registration.  A coach must be able to provide documentation at any event in the case of a plyer eligibility protest.  If a coach does not have documentation a player could be ineligible for an event, dames may result in a forfeit, or team may be removed from the event.  Coaches need to provide proof of grade and DOB for all players.

Acceptable forms of Documentation – Age – Birth Certificate, adoption papers, immigration papers, driver’s license, current passport.  Grade – Current report card or immediately preceding school year, current progress report or immediately preceding school year, current school ID.

Protest can only be submitted by a coach or manager of a team participating in the same division as the team with the players whose eligibility is being protested.  For a team to submit a protest they must prove to the site coordinator that they have all of their eligibility documentation for its players available.

A team can protest player is not grade eligible or if a player is playing on multiple teams in the same division.

A pre-game protest can be made at any time prior to the game.  Challenges needs to be submitted as soon as possible so that it may be considered in a timely manner.

A post-game protest can be made within 30 minutes of the conclusion of a game.

To file a protest a team must submit the challenge in writing to the tournament coordinator and accompany it with the $75 protest fee.  The written protest must state which player you are challenging and why you are protesting.  The Protest fee is $75 per player who is being challenged.  If the challenge is upheld the protest fee will be refunded.  If the challenge is not upheld the protest fee will be donated to the VYPE Foundation; which provides scholarships opportunities for high school journalist students.

If a protest is upheld and a player is ruled ineligible, the player will not be allowed to play in any remaining games for the event.  If the protest was post game the game will result in a forfeit.  No outcome for previous games in the event will be changed due to the coaches waving their opportunity to protest.

Team Fees:

No Show Team Forfeit Rule –  If a team no shows one of their games, it results in a forfeit.  That team will also have a $50 forfeit fee that must be paid before they are eligible to participate in a future VYPE Hoops event.  If a team has a second no show for the season they will no be eligible to participate in a VYPE Hoops event for the remainder of the season.

Team Registrations Fees:  Teams who register and choose to pay later must be paid in full by the event registration deadline in order to hold their teams spots.  Any unpaid teams after the event registration deadline will be moved to the waitlist.  Teams on the waitlist are not guaranteed a spot for the event.

Teams must pay prior to the event.  Teams will not be added to the schedule if they are unpaid.

There are no refunds available once the schedules have been posted.